My name is Mary Katherine Kline and I’m a Sophomore at the University of Mississippi majoring in Integrated Marketing Communications.

Originally from Jonesboro, Arkansas, I spread my little ole wings and moved to Oxford, Mississippi for college! I love my roots and staying in the south for school was a must for me.

I started MKATKLINE.com in February 2017, so it's still very new and I have so many aspirations for it. This blog has turned into my baby and I love spending as much time as I can on it while still balancing work and school. My passion for makeup, fashion, photography and social media has continually grown over the course of my life. With this blog, I now have an outlet to combine all of these passions into one! 

I've noticed that most of the bloggers I follow sport a new Chanel bag in every blog post they share. I mean #goals for sure, but let's face it... as a college girl, it's more than unrealistic to try and recreate their looks to fit in with my everyday life. I want to be as relatable as possible with my posts. This blog is dedicated to sharing my own style while also working with girls on my campus/community to showcase their personal styles that are all REALISTIC and still, just as cute! 

Basically, anything in my life that I find inspiring and want to share, I write it here and share it with you!

I hope you find yourself entertained as you read my posts and maybe learn a few things about your personal style by looking at what inspires mine, daily.

BTW- I'm always down to chat, meet up, or do collabs with you! I love to answer any questions or take any requests! Don't be a stranger!

Thanks for reading!