My Current Skincare Obsessions & Tips!


If you know me, then you know I wash my face every night before I go to bed. #extra (Shoutout to my freshman roomie Grace who had to witness this every night while also hearing me nag to her about how "she should totally do this because then, when we're 50, we'll look 20!" Sorry Gracie...)

Anyway, I started this habit in early elementary school because I grew up fighting a long battle with acne and I've finallyyyyy won!

I've been through some hit and misses with skincare products, but I wanted to share with you my must-haves for different types of skin since I've endured both the acne-prone type and now, the (remotely) normal type.

I have to say, having a simple routine before bed was the biggest help! AND! If you start a skincare habit now, it'll def pay off when your skin is looking younger and brighter than everyone else's your age 30 years from now. ;) 

Below, I've linked my skincare must-haves that have been my rock through the hard times and some newer products I've picked up recently that have changed the game. I've also listed a couple of skincare tips for you that I've picked up from the 8+ years of dermatology and facial visits!

Thanks for reading loves! I hope you find some products that work for you!




TIP #1:

  • I used to think the more expensive the product and the more complex my skincare routine is, the more it'll do! WRONG. Using too many products messes with the natural oils in your skin and can cause more harm than good. And, I've only found a couple expensive products that I truly thought we're worth the money. 
  • Keeping your skincare routine simple was a huge tip I learned from a skincare specialist. She said to stick to a cleanser, toner and moisturizer for the basis of your nightly routine. I use these products every night along with my FAV Rodan + Fields Redefine Multi-Function Eye Cream. (It works MIRACLES for the sleepless, college nights.) (Also, it's fun to support a bestie that sells Rodan + Fields. Go Syd!!)



TIP #2: 

  •  Using scrubs and exfoliates on your face should NOT be an everyday thing. Limit yourself to 2-3 nights where you use a scrub and use a gentle cleanser the rest of the week. If you use scrubs too often, it actually irritates your skin, opens your pores, and messes up the balance of oils that can trigger MORE oil, therefore, causing MORE acne. (Trust me, I learned this the hard way...) 






TIP #3:

  • Even though I stick to a really basic routine, I still use drying creams for pimples, creams for extra hydration, rose water spray for prepping my skin for makeup and mud masks for... just for the fun of it, really.. ;)