The Internet Trend That Changed My Skincare Routine



So, FYI: The internet has blown up about facial massage.

Ok, so you’re up to speed…Now, let’s talk about WTH that is!

“Facial Massage,” literally means what it sounds like. Massaging your face. You can do this with multiple methods ranging from $10 to hundreds of dollars. But we all know ya girl is on that college girl budget and I’ve researched the best of the best to bring you something that you can try at home, right now, TODAY. (No, actually. Like get on Amazon now because you need these…)

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WHY? : We pay large sums of money to massage our bodies, and yet we neglect the one thing that defines our whole being? NO. Not anymore. (Nobody puts face in the corner…) (Goodbye. That was so obnoxious of me...)

You literally have 43 muscles in your face, alone. Facial Massage releases tension and relaxes your muscles (eliminating premature fine lines/wrinkles), and can actually be a huge factor in decreasing stress levels and headaches. Not only is it anti-aging, but it detoxes you. (If anyone says that word I’m honestly sold…) By stimulating blood circulation in your skin, your increasing oxygen levels and decreasing toxins which is so purifying and has too many benefits to even begin to type out. Oh, and it also contributes to Lymphatic Drainage (so the 4 pairs of sinuses in your face are being cleared of any junk and can decrease the looks of dark under eyes…) and contributes to your skins elasticity giving you the to-die-for Kim K. dewy look, 24/7.

HOW? : Ok, so here’s where your budget comes into play. I ordered a Jade Roller and this Stainless Steel Ice Roller from Amazon to try out. I had read about both online and all of the big-name bloggers were swearing by them. So naturally, I jumped off the cliff with Sivan Ayla and Marianna Hewitt because they’re literally goals, duh. But, there are more options to purchase besides these two… but be prepared for an upset wallet.


Here’s my current lust list for when my wallet is feeling a little more generous:


Both the Jade Roller and Ice Roller were surprisingly cheap and I had to figure out why everyone was obsessing. So, here comes the “HOW TO USE?” section and other important tips:

1.       The only rule you have to follow with facial massage is this: ALWAYS ROLL UPWARD. By doing this, you’re giving yourself a mini facelift and it’s the direction that your skin naturally reproduces.

2.       Jade is a naturally cooling stone. Between this and storing your Stainless Steel Face Roller in the refrigerator, the coolness reduces any swollenness or puffiness in the mornings or after any type of facial procedure.

3.       Before rolling, I put on my moisturizers or serums so the jade will actually help these products sink into my skin instead of my fingers absorbing the product when you rub your face for longer. I also pair my rollings with my newest obsession, Collagen Eye Masks, so I feel super luxe and it boost my extra-ness even more. 


(peep my bruised legs!)

(peep my bruised legs!)

my results :

After the two weeks I've religiously rolled, I've noticed how relaxing it is. After getting over initially feeling like an idiot by rolling some random rock over my face, it has become a staple for my morning and nighttime skincare routine.

Also, I have huge pores. Like ungodly large pores. And I’ve noticed that the coolness of rolling my face has actually caused my pore size to shrink in the morning. (It basically is a substitute for the famous Icing Routine that Victoria Secret Models do in the morning. Which is literally getting a huge bucket of ice and shoving your face in it.) (So things could be weirder than rolling…)

Not only that, but my face is low-key round and I think literally sculpting my cheekbones and lifting my forehead has mentally given me a better view of my face. Like there might be hope… idk…       

(Also, rolling under your chin is like giving yourself a chin-lift so if you have that double-chin situation there’s also a ray of heavenly light for you, too. )

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  • Relaxing; coolness of the stone is refreshing and depuffs you
  • Destresser; prevents headaches and releases tension in face
  • Anti-aging; prevents premature fine lines and wrinkles
  • Detoxing; promotes lymphatic drainage and blood circulation


That’s the shortest summary I could muster and there’s so much more I could ramble on about... If you need more deets, comment below or email me questions! I love to hear your thoughts and dive-in to uncover solutions for your personal skin questions.