I Shaved My Face?: What, Why, How & Even More Deets


Yeah. It's official. I'm crazy and willing to try literally anything that seems remotely beneficial for my skin. That was my logic, at least, for shaving my face!


Ok... it's not as wild as it may seem. Or maybe so... 

But hey, us girls are willing to shave literally everything else on our bodies (besides our head.... unless you're trying to channel some '07 Britney?)... so it's not as crazy as it seems!! Especially after I tell you the run-down and the benefits!


Tell me everything:

So you know that peach fuzz sorta situation on the sides of your face? Yeah, literally nobody else thinks twice about it besides you! (If you even do? I personally didn't, and that wasn't the reason for my shaving frenzy, at all.) The point of shaving your face is to remove your facial hair for your skincare products to reach deeper into your skin and show better results.

Just think about it, we shave and exfoliate before a spray tan to have better results. Same ordeal with shaving your face! Removing your facial hair just makes a clean surface for your skincare products to better sink into your skin and bring about better results. And it's an exfoliate, too! 

Not only does it make your face baby-butt smooth, I automatically felt my skincare products soaking into my skin so much faster and my MAKEUP! Wow, let's talk about how satin-like my makeup looks on my face now. Total game changer. 

I use these Tinkle Razors that are actually for shaving/shaping your eyebrows. They're super gentle but, of course, you should be extra careful when you do this. They're so easy to hold and to use. You do little downward strokes to find the little puffs of peach fuzz floating off. (It was kinda gross but extremely satisfying to do...) I used the razor all over my face, even on my upper lip! (Maybe this will save even more money to skip the wax appointments?) (I'm about it.)


I mean would I lead you astray as quick as that? NO. It totally doesn't. It doesn't change the orientation of your facial hair at all, at least not for me, the other bloggers I've researched using it, online google search results and even more random research I do about these crazy skincare trends. Trust.



  • The smoothest skin of your life!
  • Super exfoliating.
  • Allows your skincare products to better sink into your skin to show better results
  • Makeup game changer. Your makeup goes on so much smoother!
  • Save money without the appointments and pain of waxing your upper lip!
  • Tinkle Razors are so cheap and one razor alone can last for months!


As always, thanks so much for reading, Babes. I'm sure I'll be back with more craziness for you to try soon.