The 17 Life Hacks That Changed My Life In 2017


HEY! Long time, no post!  

So, here's the breakdown of my current "sitch" (situation...smh): 

I'm currently posted up in bed, fresh out-d-shower in my oversized robe and extremely sore from skiing. I'm in Steamboat Springs, Colorado for New Years and I'm so excited to be surrounded by the most picture-esque city. Seriously this place, with the mountains and trees and snow, looks like it's straight from an outdoor magazine. The city itself, especially at night, looks like the little snow village my mom used to set up during Christmas. (SO STINKIN' CUTE!)

Anywayyyy, I thought since I'm here and incredibly inspired by the ~views~, I'd write a little something to sum up my 2017 year. This year was INCREDIBLE and there's so much I learned about myself and life, in general. 

I thought I'd share with you the 17 life hacks that I've learned this year from the super cheesy emotional/mind-set changes, to the super random Amazon purchases that have all changed my life! I'm sorry if you literally already know all of these hacks. I'm typically pretty slow on the get-go/latest trends, but take what sounds nifty and try it out, my friends! This post is low-key long, (maybe high-key long, SORRY), so read the titles if you get bored easily or read the extra scoop below when you want more deets!

As always, thanks for reading babes and I can't wait to see what 2018 has in store!!






OK OK OK.... like I said, I'm sorta slow on the latest trends and this little number has been my newest life saver. IDK if you're familiar (probs) with toning shampoo and conditioner, but if you're blonde or have highlights, then GET. FAMILIAR. This life saver strips the brassy tones out of your blonde locks and keeps you looking fresh even when you haven't seen your hair lady in approximately 185 months.

2. derma rolling

It works, people. I have scarring on my cheeks from junior high, hell acne, and it is a game changer. The little needles on the end of the derma roller are designed to slightly puncture the top layers of skin and cause blood to rush to the "hurt" area (No, it doesn't hurt at all, but it's not the most relaxing thing ever...), and heal the area with new skin. AKA: slightly annoy old, ugly skin + treat the newly opened pores with an amazing serum (like the one I use here) = new, beautiful skin!

3. lashboost works!

That's about all there is to say on this one... (my current goal: get lashes to touch eyebrows.)

4. exfoliate body with a towel before self-tanning

I'm an avid self-tanner thanks to Jergans, a handy mitt, and my towel scrubbing routine after a shower. A towel is actually one of the best exfoliators for your body, especially after a shower when your skin is damp! Also, can we talk about the money I saved from not getting my usual, Mystic Spray Tan? Ok yes, lots. 


In case you thought vodka shots were awful, just wait until you try this one! Ha ha ha ... crying. It's honestly the WOAT but let me tell you: it boosts metabolism and fat burn, increases energy levels, prevents inflammation and illnesses, and can even help dissolve kidney stones... Do you need to hear anything else? I usually put a tablespoon or two of apple cider vinegar in a water bottle and dilute it because I honestly can't stand the taste or smell of it, but it is totally worth it! Thanks Laura Taylor for enlightening me on this one ;) 


I'm an avid procrastinator. I might even deserve a medal for it... And, let me just say that making a to-do list for each day and even long-term lists for the week/month is one of the few things (besides caffeine, bribery with shopping, or making money) that will get me going. There's something about scratching off a task from a list that really changes the way I do life, ya know?

7. the student spotify premium discount

The hidden gem. The half-off, monthly payment of $4.99 that buys you the keys to continual, ad-free pre-games, dance-offs, and shower karaoke. You're welcome.

8. speaking of being a student..... don't buy textbooks 

Ok JK, but ONLY after the first week of school and ONLY if you're sure you need them. Don't be the girl that tries to be ahead of the game and orders all your books before the semester starts to leave 4 of them dusty on your shelf. (Ahem... me.) (I totally wasted precious, shopping money.) 

9. Invest in your makeup brushes

I'm currently using this It! Cosmetics Brush Set that was totally worth every penny and didn't even give me a heart attack to look at the price tag! And let me say, it's changed everything. Everything.

10. "unum" changes your insta game

I came across this life saver this past year and it's so handy when you want to make your Instagram grid flow. UNUM is a free app that lets you fake "post" pictures to see how the picture will look in your grid when people view your profile. I don't post a picture without making sure the colors and "look" flows with my grid in some sort of fashion and I couldn't do it without this app! 10/10. 

11. podcasts are the new pandora

Remember when Pandora was cool? Ha, me too. Ok, but podcasts are totally cool even though they're totally overshadowed just like ol' Dora nowadays... Here are my current obsessions that I'm absorbed in during my travels: The Skinny Confidential, The Bitch Bible, Fat Mascara & That's So Retrograde. All of these can be found on the Podcast app and on iTunes for free!

12. Reading in your spare time is actually fulfilling

I'm not a huge reader but, lately, I've been drawn to "self-help," books that have been so inspiring to read and have really got me thinkin' bout stuff, ya know? Here's a couple of my fav's that I just finished reading, The Subtle Art of Not Giving a F*ck, and what I'm currently reading, How to Win Friends and Influence People.

13. vitamins are your friend

Besides the ice cream isle, the vitamin isle is my favorite!!!! Here's what I take daily: Hair Skin & Nails, Fiber, Vitamin-C, ProBiotics, Daily Multi-Vitamins. I've actually noticed a difference in my body after I started taking these, daily!

14. cleaning out the junk in yo lyfe

No, I don't mean the annoying guys in your life. (But be my guest....) I do mean your room, your closet, your car, your 25,839 emails, your exploding camera roll and even your underwear drawer!!!! CLEAN. IT. OUT. It's the best feeling to be fresh of the "old" and start the year/month/week/day a little lighter. (I've noticed it's helped me be so much more productive, IDK????)

15. start using the "cool air" feature on your blow dryer

After blow drying your hair with heat, use the cool air button after your hair is dry to close your hair follicles and make your hair extra shiny and soft! It's such a random tip, but trust me, it really does change your blow-out. 


One of my weaknesses is buying school supplies when it's totally unnecessary. I'm obsessed with fun looking pens, highlighters, and notebooks. OMG, why do notebooks get me every time?! Especially the cute ones from T.J. Maxx and Target! (Am I alone on this, or???) Sometimes when I come across these goodies, I'll let myself get them because, WHY NOT! Buying yourself little happies that will brighten your mood is totally worth the loss of $5, ya know? (Or more $$ if you're down to get something bigger/"happier." You do you, babe.) 


For me, this blog has made given me a new passion in my life. It's really changed my focus and has made me so much happier! I know it's totally cheesy to say, but find something that makes you want to get out of bed in the morning and do that, constantly. Whatever makes you happy, even if it seems totally embarrassing at first and makes you really branch out of your comfort zone, (i.e. this blog for me...) JUST DO IT! It's so worth taking risks and forcing yourself to grow, so try something new in 2018 and see how amazing you can feel when you go after a dream. 


Let me know if you have anything life changing I should try in 2018 in the comments below. I'm pretty much down to try any, and everything! I love you all & thanks so so much for reading, babes!! <3