How to Find The Perfect Formal Dress

Ready or not... Formal Season is here!

We've spent Spring Break getting a nice glow, and now we're on our way to choosing the perfect dress. As ready as you may be to add to your overflowing closet, your wallet is cringing at the thought of buying a new dress. 

Thanks to Curtsy Fashion, you can get the best of both worlds! 

Curtsy is an app that lets you borrow dresses from other girls on your campus for less than half of the cost of buying a new dress. AND... They've helped us out even more by giving me a promo code to share with you! 

USE CODE: MKATKLINE at checkout for even more savings!

I've chosen six of my favorite dresses that vary in style to post to Curtsy for you to borrow for your formals! I've styled each dress with different shoes and accessories to give you more ideas on how to style your own dress for the big day. 

Check out my closet on Curtsy: