Class & Sass

This look is all about a mixture of styles. By throwing off a classy look with trendy heels and necklaces you can take a sophisticated look and make it notable. This outfit is for the girl who wants everyone around to do a double take when she walks in the room!

Here, I combined a simple white top and high pony for a classy vibe with edgy pieces to keep it interesting! The ripped skinny jeans, lace up red heels, and silver collar necklace makes for a bold look that, together, create texture and interest. 

When I think of a classy look for a college girl, sometimes my thoughts wonder into a the "boring,"  "grandma" zone. But combining sophisticated pieces with trendier, "college girl" pieces creates for a look that reflects my style while still being appropriate for a nicer event. 

Sidenote: I do not typically post this many photos of an outfit, but my good friend and KD sister, Lauren Murken is the most talented photographer I know. These pictures are to show off the outfit, but most importantly to show off her amazing work. Please contact her for professional pictures here!

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