Street Style is the New "It" Style

Street style encompasses so many different outfits and personalities that it can come in many forms. The basic overview of street style to me is the unique twist people take to combine comfortable, casual pieces with the perfect amount of edgy or modern pieces to showcase their individual personalities and style.

Some of my all-time favorite street style queens would be Gigi Hadid and bestie/sidekick/model Kendall Jenner. It’s perfect for the days where you don’t want to look too much like a slob but don’t want to dress fancy, either.

This outfit rocks an edgy look that combines a funky Calvin Klein bodysuit, a denim jacketblack ripped jeans, and sporty kicks. But to top it all off I added my mother's chain belt, (yes.... my mother's.. i'm just as confused as you, but it was cute and I stole it and brought it to college with me) to add dimension to the look! This combines that casual “just going to run some errands” look, with a Kendall Jenner “just going to a photoshoot” vibe. After some fun sunnies are added, this daytime look is amplified and makes a huge statement.

So, whenever you’re going to town for a few errands, or maybe having a shopping day with friends and you don’t want to scare everyone with your usual attire—A.K.A. leggings, huge T-shirt, no makeup, designer bags under your eyes—reach for your comfortable jeans/jeggings, a comfortable bodysuit, a cute jacket, and sneakers. You’ll be surprised how chic you feel in clothes that are so simple but come together to make such a huge statement.

Sidenote: I do not typically post this many photos of an outfit, but my good friend and KD sister, Lauren Murken is the most talented photographer I know. These pictures are to show off the outfit, but most importantly to show off her amazing work. Please contact her for professional pictures here!

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