A Southern Girl's Guide to Spring

It's spring, and in the South that means two things: We're even more confused on the daily weather, and we get to resurrect our favorite clothes from their winter retirement! The weather might be out of our hands, but with this guide you won't have to play the guessing game with your spring outfits.

Before having a photoshoot, I always let my models choose an outfit from their closet that they feel confident and beautiful in. After taking pictures of six of my friends, I compared the girls "go-to" spring outfits and realized they each reflected their own personal styles and, together, showcased a wide variety of styles from edgy clothes, to girly church attire. I decided to combine all six of the girls individual photoshoots into one blog post to give you multiple ideas on what to wear this season.

I've put together a spring guide that will give you a sneak peek into the closets of the girls on your campus, their favorite brands and stores to shop, and their "go-to" spring outfits and beauty products. I've linked the exact or similar clothing items the girl's wore so you can "cop" these looks for yourself this season!

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MEET Emily Owens...

Emily is a sweet, southern gal from Hammond, Louisiana and a member of Delta Delta Delta sorority. She's a smoothie enthusiast, Rebelette dancer, and Jesus lover. In fact, she has her own blog about her personal experiences of walking with the Lord and how He has personally worked through her. Go check it out here!

STYLE: Southern Prep

MAJOR: Public Policy Leadership (She wants to eventually work for a non profit organization!)

FAV STORES/BRANDS: Urban Outfitters & Non-chain boutiques

FAV MUSIC: Britney Spears

3 BEAUTY PRODUCTS SHE CAN'T LIVE WITHOUT: Curling wand, Better Than Sex mascara, & teasing comb

WHERE TO WEAR?: A day in Nashville, a traveling day, or shopping in the city 

Her romper is from Urban Outfitters, her sunnies are from Ray Ban, and her shoes are from My Favorite Shoes on The Square. 

Follow Emily on Instagram: @shimmy.emmy


MEET Katherine Johnson...

Katherine Johnson is from Nashville, Tennessee, and is the go-to girl for just about anything. She's an artist, athlete, and makeup and travel lover. She grew up wearing hand-me-downs from her older brothers and said her tomboy style has transformed into something between sporty and girly. She's a member of Kappa Delta sorority and has a hidden passion for the X Games, skateboarding, and snowboarding! You could talk to her all day about anything and everything...

STYLE: Sporty chic

MAJOR: Undeclared (Plans to study abroad and have a job doing something that uses her creativity. "My worst nightmare is being stuck behind a desk," she said. Same girl, same.)

FAV STORES/BRANDS: Free People, Urban Outfitters, & Zara

FAV MUSIC: Ed Shearan, John Mayor, Jack Johnson, & Country... ("Depends on my mood," she said.)

3 BEAUTY PRODUCTS SHE CAN'T LIVE WITHOUT: Mattifying primer, bronzer, and chapstick

WHERE TO WEAR?: Dinner with friends, fun day out on the town

Her shirt is from Hemline, her skirt is from Urban Outfitters, her shoes are Vans, and her sunnies are from Lulu's!

Follow Katherine on Instagram: @katherinerjohnson



MEET Makenzie Brinson...

Makenzie Brinson is a flower lovin' and shoe shopping sweetheart from Madison, Mississippi and a member of Kappa Delta sorority. Her favorite pastimes are painting, flower shopping and journaling. Some of her life goals include trying out for the role of Cinderella at Disney World, teaching for a year in Africa, and owning her own flower shop. (Nobody will be able to pull this off like Mak will...)  

STYLE: flirty boho

Major: integrated marketing & communications

FAV STORES/BRANDS: Banana Republic, Steve Madden, & Lulu's (on the square)

FAV MUSIC: acoustic covers, indie, & the "relax and unwind" spotify playlist

3 BEAUTY PRODUCTS SHE CAN'T LIVE WITHOUT: Vera Wang Princess perfume, moroccan oil, & bold lipstick

WHERE TO WEAR?: church, art festivals, or downtown

Her shirt is from Ann Taylor, her maxi skirt is from American Eagle, and her shoes are BCBG!

Follow Makenzie on Instagram: @makbrinson



Laurin Lacoste is the ultimate #girlboss sharing the secret of perfect, no smudge lipstick to the world. Check out her page, Lipsense By Laurin, here! She's a Kappa Delta from Madison, Mississippi who would love nothing more than to be surrounded by kids, her friends, and Mexican food. She's watched Gossip Girl three times through and is the only girl I know who gets excited about cheese. She's the loyal bestie, "wifey," light-up a room type of girl everyone loves!

STYLE: everyday edgy

Major: Communication Sciences & Disorders (She wants to be a speech pathologist!)

FAV STORES/BRANDS: D Squared, Material Girls, & Charlotte Russe ("for when you're on a budget," says Laurin. thanks for respecting our wallets. from, everyone.)

FAV MUSIC: Taylor Swift, Chris Brown, Justin beiber, & Rihanna

3 BEAUTY PRODUCTS SHE CAN'T LIVE WITHOUT: lipsense, mascara, & chapstick

WHERE TO WEAR?: country music festival or going out with friends

Her shirt is Free People, her jeans are American Eagle, and her shoes are Lucky Brand! Oh, and her lip color is Praline Rose for all of you Lipsense lovers out there like me!

Follow Laurin on Instagram: @laurin_lacoste


MEET Hannah Huff...

Hannah Huff is the definition of adventure. If she could drop everything and travel the world she'd do it in a heartbeat. Her passion for the Lord, traveling, photography and videography is so inspiring. “I like to pick up my camera and go drive around and take pictures of stuff as I go,” said Hannah. She even has a Youtube channel where she makes the coolest videos of her travels! It's hit over 15,000 views! (Go check it out here.) She's a member of Phi Mu sorority and takes time out of her day to write daily devotionals for her own "devo" book!



FAV STORES/BRANDS: Tilly's, forever 21, & molly green 

FAV MUSIC: rap, Indie/ambient genre, & christian

3 BEAUTY PRODUCTS SHE CAN'T LIVE WITHOUT: hula bronzer, chanel Coco Code Blush Harmony, & better than sex mascara

WHERE TO WEAR?: shopping day or going out 

Her shirt is from Tilly's, her skirt is from Molly Green, her shoes are Steve Madden, and her lip color is Praline Rose by Lipsense

Follow Hannah on Instagram: @hannyhuff


MEET Katelyn Hanneke...

Katelyn Hanneke is a member of Kappa Delta sorority and is the ultimate food lover. She's the go-to for any/every food suggestion! Some of her favorite foods are pomegranates, raspberries, steak, and, of course, french fries and ice cream. (Fast fact: she's a type one diabetic and has paid a lot of attention to food labels since her diagnosis.) Her top three restaurant suggestions in Oxford are Boure, Old Venice and Buffalo Wild Wings. If she's not eating, she's probably watching sports or Shameless on Netflix! The last movie she watched was Now is Good, ("I balled the whole time," she said) and her go to lip colors are rustic nudes or dark plum shades!


MAJOR: undeclared 

FAV STORES/BRANDS: Pacsun, tj maxx, & urban outfitters

FAV MUSIC: alternative, 21 pilots, & bastille

3 BEAUTY PRODUCTS SHE CAN'T LIVE WITHOUT: pillow (for HER beauty sleep), mascara, & men's degree DEODORANT

WHERE TO WEAR?: a day in nola or a graduation party

Her dress is from Alter'd State, her jewelry is from a boutique called W by Azwell, and you can find similar gladiator sandals here!

Follow Katelyn on Instagram: @khanneke