Come Shopping With Us

A few of my all time favorite sports are football, baseball, swimming, volleyball, and shopping.

Okay maybe shopping doesn't require as much training as the others, but you could argue that the adrenaline rush you get when seeing something you have to have is about the same... (& trying on all of the clothes really can make you break out in a sweat... just sayin'.) 

Thanks to my super talented friend Hannah Huff and her videography skills, five of my friends and I are taking you shopping at Missbehavin' on the Square in Oxford, Mississippi, in this super artsy video. 

This is my first YouTube video ever (!!!!!???) but creating this was so much fun and I really hope you enjoy seeing the outfits we picked out and the fun we have being together, taking pictures, and just being our super extra selves!

Enjoy and give it a thumbs up if you want to see more vids, but more importantly to show my talented friend, Hannah, some love! 





Named in the order of the picture below, these girls are seriously some of the prettiest people I know. I have their Instagram's linked with their name and they're sharing "Where to Wear" the outfit and their shopping advice!


Grace Armistead - "Sigma Nu Late Night"

ADVICE: "Don't listen to me I'm an impulse buyer with no sense of a budget," says Grace. (She is NOT lying people I've seen this crisis first hand!)


Annie Williams - "Dinner with Friends"

ADVICE: "Go in with a budget or a limit of items you are willing to buy," says Annie. 


Clara Williams - "Date Night"

ADVICE: "Take friends with you to help judge what looks best on you," says Clara. 


Allie Sparks - "Brunch with the Girls"

ADVICE: "Always check the clearance rack first," says Allie. 


Ashley Rose - "Going out on the Square"

ADVICE: "If you don't absolutely love it in the store don't buy it because you won't end up wearing it," says Ashley. 


MK Kline - "Spring Shopping Day"

ADVICE: "If you can find it online or in another store for a cheaper price, then try it on in store and then buy it somewhere else. Also, don't buy anything unless you know you will wear it multiple times!"