Online Summer Sale Items to Buy Right Now: All Under $100

School is out and I somehow managed to not only survive, but thrive in my first year of college! The memories and friends made this past year have been the biggest blessings for me! Although this summer break was much needed, I'll definitely miss them so much over these couple of months.

After taking my last final, I packed up my dorm room, clothes and shoes and immediately cleaned out my closet. I got rid of the clothes I didn't wear all year or anything that I didn't like anymore. This is honestly such a stress reliever for me since I hate clutter and it's a great way to start fresh with your wardrobe for the new season.

Three trash bags later, I had cleared my closet of the old, the bad, and the ugly! (I didn't throw away the clothes. I just use trash bags since they hold a lot!) From here, I take my clothes to Plato's which is a consignment store in my hometown that buys your used clothes. Whatever they don't take I donate to Goodwill or Abilities Unlimited!

NOW, the fun part... Shopping!

Since college, I've been more aware of my budget and what I spend my money on. (Being "college poor" is totally a thing, sadly. I was really hoping that one was a myth...) With this, I wanted to combine a summer shopping list that's still fits into your budget. 

I've linked all the sale items I found on Revolve for you to shop my summer shopping list, too! 



wildfox sweaters




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on sale...

more clothes & accessories

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