Girls Night In: My Relaxation Routine & GIVEAWAY

This summer, I've noticed my typical "Girls Night Out" plans from college have transformed into "Girls Night In" plans! I'm still just as busy over summer, (boo!) but finding "me" time is so important and has proven to be a huge stress reliever both in and out of school!

If you're here for the giveaway go ahead and scroll to the bottom of this page for details. ;) 


This routine is to give you ideas for the nights you want to chill at home alone or relax with your besties! 

  • First things first. IF and only IF you're in the "health kick" mood would I recommend starting your night with a little yoga or a quick workout. There's something about coming home and feeling overly proud of yourself for the little effort you put into that jog you almost died on. 


  • If you're down to skip the workout (me most of the time), I'd recommend starting with a hot bath.        FUN FACT: a hot bath can burn as many calories as a 30 minute walk! (at least that's what Glamour magazine told me with little evidence to prove it.) Which does have some truth if you consider the benefits of saunas and compare it to a hot bath.                                                                                                              SO.... crank up the heat and get ready to soak. But don't settle for a boring bath because SKYYBOMB BATH BOMBS make you feel like you're in the spa!

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SkyyBomb Bath Bombs are seriously the best bath products I've ever tried. I'm an avid LUSH fan but it's time to shed light on the company that changed my views on bath bombs and bath bars and taken the place as #1 in my go-to's.

SkyyBomb makes all of their bath products homemade and uses the best ingredients to promote health benefits such as detoxing, energizing, cleaning and smoothing skin, even enhancing blood circulation and relaxing you for a better night's sleep.

Skyybombs make scented and non-scented bath products which is really handy if your skin is sensitive or if you are picky about scents! (AND the core of some their bath bombs are crystals... Like legit crystals.)

In case you needed another reason to buy 10 new bath bombs from SkyyBomb, I'll go ahead and let you know they won't break your wallet. They're half the cost of a typical LUSH bath bomb and have double the benefits. 

So head on over to her Etsy page by clicking the link below and don't be ashamed to fill your cart fullllll. AND be sure to read the bottom of this page for details on winning FREE bath bombs!

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(So yeah, I posed in a tub with my swim suit on and had my bestie take pics of me. (THANKS P!) It was probably the most interesting/awkward of photo shoots I've had thus far..) 


  • Next, my A1, my go-to...SKINCARE. I'm creepily obsessed with skincare but I guess you can say it's a "healthy" obsession? (ha... ha ha.. bye.) I love doing face masks, derma rolling and fancy serums and I always treat myself during "GNI" nights. (If you don't know what derma rolling is, google it. It has so many benefits and helps the production of collagen which promotes younger looking skin.)


  • Next is the binge eating. Grab your favorite candy, mine is dark chocolate, and indulge.


  • For those of you who know me well, I can spend approximately a lifetime (give or take a year..) watching makeup, style, workout and beauty videos on YouTube. So curl up in bed with a cozy blanket and watch your favorite YouTubers or binge watch Netflix!


  • Lastly, go to sleep early. Why not? 


Thanks for reading!





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